Patch is out! patch is out! A really really tiny one, but since I moved onto Game Maker Studio 2, you may encounter some unexpected issues and bugs. For the same reason, you have to install the game manually this time, since I haven't figured out how to upload it on Ruler.IRule server yet :parasitoid:


  • Someone extraterrestrial has appeared in your basement
  • Spawn rate of difficult opponents has been reduced for the second loop (current spawn rate is now applied to further loops) Now enemies are distributed evenly between the lanes, trying not to spawn on lanes obstructed by other enemies/obstacles to make the game more fair 
  • Increased Abel's main damage 
  • Pegasus now shoots a tiny bit faster 
  • Little Steven now costs 150 hearts
  • Rainbow Baby now costs 150 hearts 
  • Now when Farting Baby is killed, it poisons and pushes back enemies in 3x3 radius 


  • Fixed Imp acting weird when flipped 
  • Possibly fixed a crash related to Psychic Baby's tears 
  • Fixed Ball of Bandages not working properly on heavy flying enemies, such as Frosties and Sperm Whales 
  • Deserter now correctly targets enemies in its range when buffed by Telepathy for Dummies 
  • Fixed Demon Baby's range issues 
  • Fire-themed babies now correctly melt the nearby ice floes


IRULE v0.1.9.1.zip 33 MB
Mar 03, 2022
IRULE v0.1.9.apk 43 MB
Feb 28, 2022



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  • Someone extraterrestrial has appeared in your basement

^what does this mean????

Gamemaker Studio 2 master race.