In case you're wondering what's going on

No, the game is not dead (hopefully), and no, i'm not dead either (partially). It's just that for the last months I had to deal with a lot of personal and financial problems, and, in addition to this project (which I honestly never considered the main one and was very surprised by its popularity), I am also making several games, and porting the infamous Split Mod for tModLoader 1.4 (which, probably, will take even more time). Well, you may have noticed that I haven't been working on I.RULE much lately. 

In any case, I am very glad that you all, guys and gals, are still playing this game (for some reason), and it pains me to realize that I am leaving you without updates and information for such a long time. If you are still looking for more content, you can check out our Discord Server. Some very talented people were making mods and other funny things all this time, and _toncho is currently working on a new update branch, including daily challenges and many other changes and bug-fixes.

Thank you for your support, and I hope I'll still surprise you with this and other projects someday. 



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Я не знаю русский создатель или нет но эта игра очень мне понравилась. Жаль только нет новых обновлений.


take your time to do what needs to be done and I hope things will get better for you.

why did you log out of the server in discord?


It's been 5 years Bruce, your mods still owe me a reason for the ban


thx for being transparent.

take all the time you need!


Well 1.4 terraria mod i will Dowland it to test it for sure


Don't worry 'bout not updating the game, take time to sort everything you need to first, and stay determined.


As a TF2 fan, this feels like a 1 minute delay to the update.


Mfw the entire TF2 fanbase has learned to be patient because we've had to wait for an update that will never come.


For someone who literally did about 3-2 updates IN A DAY it's good for you to take a break from the constant working on the project. :)

I wish you good luck with the problems you are facing right now and have a good day. :)


This game is free, no need to feel any responsibility.


do not worry, i won't be upset


It's ok hummer, I'm a Friday night funkin fan, I'm used to not getting updates for months


That's alright! This is still currently a free game in the end so you don't owe us anything.




long live Doctor Hummer