Patch is out!


  • New death animation for the Sperm Whales
  • William's move speed has been reduced a bit
  • Slowing effects (such as enemy being frozen, webbed) are now a bit more effective


  • Fixed a crash when Cursed Baby tries to produce a heart
  • Fixed softlock caused by picking a new baby and re-continuing run while screen fade is not complete
  • Sanguine bond's highlighting is back
  • Fixed baby's name being shown while having Curse of the Unknown
  • Fixed pills overlapping active item/shovel
  • Fixed that glitchy splash screen with a crying heart


IRULE v0.2.0.3.zip 36 MB
May 01, 2022
IRULE v0.2.0.2.apk 44 MB
Apr 30, 2022



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Wow, I didn't know it has a phone version now. I was in vacation and I couldn't use my pc for a while so it's nice that I can now play it anywhere, sadly I'd have to get everything again.