While there's still time.

Mobilization was announced in our country. I'm probably the last person you expected to bring up this topic, but still. I just want all my possible fans, all my friends and colleagues, no matter from which country, to keep living, trying and invest in a bright future.

I will continue to post something on Twitter while I can, or not, I do not know, don't expect much. On the bright side, if things get bad (and they will), I asked my friends to share the source code of most of my unfinished games and projects on Github.

And sorry if it feels too forced or pessimistic, you're probably tired of seeing this topic everywhere. I'm not used to sharing my personal thoughts anywhere, but I don't wan't to just disappear silently either.

and... Thank you all for your support.



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See you space cowboy...



I'm late but hope you're doing okay over there


we will miss u.love from asia

god that must be awful situation, I wish you the best.


Here we go , another great game have to finish like that...

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i love you

Thank you for your amazing work you've provided for us,Dr.Hummer.May the god bless you.Good luck!


This is sad, at least, if community of I.Rule will get open source code, than the project will be livefully, with mods and etc. Good luck, I hope nothing bad happens.


Good luck, friend!

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Stay safe friend


fuck mobilization, i hope they wouldn't take you to war 


Hope all goes well, and good luck :(


your game here is amazing. But i understand the situation, i hope all will end well