i.rule news or something (not really)

Ok so it must be too disgusting of me to leave you hanging here for such a long period of time, without any updates or information, but still

Just in case - I'm alive and well, and I'm still busy with a lot of things. I.RULE is still frozen, and I have neither the time nor the motivation to continue developing it. sure I can talk a lot about all the ideas and content that I'd like to implement, but these will all be empty words, cuz I won't be able to return to development any time soon.

Yep, it's underhelming news, but hopefully it's better than nothing.

So, basically, at the moment I'm busy in:
-making that one funny roguelike game about knights and princesses, DAMSEL in DISTRESS (the development of which has already dragged on, since recently I decided to completely redo all the graphics in the game, which is why I've nothing to share yet =(  )
-trying to finish at least one of the small, but long-promised projects
-porting Split Mod on Terraria 1.4 
-participating in a game jam related to some barely known russian youtuber/streamer

I really hope to quickly sort out at least some of these tasks, cuz it's really hard to be in demand in so many communities, hope you understand.

Oh well, by the way, our friendly neighborhood @toncho literally just made his own patch for I.RULE, it doesn't have any new content or anything, but it fixes a dozen of bugs and optimization issues, and also makes it easier to mod the game. You can find and download it on our Discord server.

so... yep, that's it. once again, sorry for the lack of news, and I hope that you guys are all having a good vacation.



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Glad to hear your safe! what i didn't know was that your helping with the split mod, everyone is excited and patiently waiting for it in 1.4! Take as much time as you need, your health and mental health is more important then some games!

I'm just glad to hear all is good, just very busy :)

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Рад знать, что вы в порядке :D

Удачи в других проектах!

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you are insignificant. a pox.

Чел ты гений, опенинг шикарен. Я тоже начал что-то делать на годоте для пристарелого скуфа. Кста, жаль что пилюли иногда ничего не делают, жду контента всей душой

рад, что всё вроде нормально. надеюсь, в ближайшем будущем весь этот ужас закончится.

Why is the patch a Discord server exclusive?


because he didn't make it lol

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yeah good to hear you good right now!!!!

cool, glad things seem to be going well (though you do sound very busy)

its ok, glad your ok