Patch is out! patch is out!
Definitely not as big as I planned, I've been through a lot the last couple of months, but I'm glad that I found the strength to finish at least something :bobbyMyBeloved:
Many thanks to toncho_ for all the improvements and QoL changes he has brought to the game!

- A few new babies, items and new enemy type
- Curses!
- The game now saves your current run state, so instead of starting the level all over again you now will continue playing where you left off
- Now you can see which loop you are on while choosing babies before starting the level
- The Deserter was renamed the Revenant by popular demand
- betiary :dead:
- Defensive babies' cards now drop with a longer interval between each other on boss levels
- Rubber Soul now has higher firerate
- Baby Pluto now deals less damage per tear
- Lil C.H.A.D's cards now take longer to reload
- Power-pilled heart-producing babies are more effective now
- Spider Mod won't show healthbars of enemies and babies with full hp anymore
- 10k brand new bugs!

- The game now correctly updates your loop record after reaching a new loop
- The game now correctly randomizes your seed after reaching a new loop
- Now enemies will stop going towards the exit if they were charmed by Kidney Bean
- Salvation's barrier is now rendered on top of the rails
- Fixed the pause button not showing up on 3rd levels of every chapter for some reason
- Fixed pill duplication glitch
- Fixed incorrect highlighting for cards during boss fights on the mobile version


IRULE v0.2.0.0.zip (extract the archive somewhere before playing!) 36 MB
Apr 30, 2022



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Love it, keep up the amazing work

Well, It seems that I have to wait for this update on Android. XD

Omg les go