0.1.6 Patch is out!

A relatively small one. Sorry if I don't respond to all the reports and suggestions, I'm very happy with your feedback and I'm trying to make the game better. I just ask y'all to visit this page more often and check for updates to be aware of the changes and stuff.


  • Lil Loki now costs 150 hearts
  • Peeping now shoots faster
  • The Deserter now has a slightly slower fire rate
  • Hardheads now deal a bit less damage
  • Hardies, Fatties, Stoners and Sperm Whales now have less health
  • Plums can't be champions anymore
  • Speedy monsters are now less speedy
  • Erasing all data now also erases your current saved run
  • Babies are now preparing their attacks while there are no enemies in sight, to shoot instantly when new target appears
  • The DirectX warning now shows only one time (also fixed the download link)


  • Bob's Brain won't trigger on enemies while they're teleporting
  • Fixed interaction between Psychic Baby and Mongo Baby
  • Juicy Sack now counts as defensive baby
  • Removed immunity to ice from babies that shouldn't have it
  • Fixed achievement order in Russian translation
  • Obtaining a tier 2 item now unlocks a correct description entry in "Stuff" menu
  • Enemies won't teleport while dragged away by Glowing Hourglass anymore
  • Hardy won't push your babies out of grid anymore (hopefully)


IRULE v0.1.6.exe 20 MB
Feb 16, 2022



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Man youre pumpin out these updates quite quick, thats pretty cool. Though remember to occasionally take breaks to recharge and avoid burnout!

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i found a Bug.  when you will use telepathy for dummies on Psychic Baby it shoots only one square forward and returns to himself

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I found a neat bug unless this is normal, but Psychic Baby + Multidimensional Baby is a very wierd synergy in which psy baby's startup is completely reset as soon as the tear makes contact with multidimensional baby, is this supposed to happen? (I get that psy baby is supposed to be able to shoot again once its tear hits it again on the rebound, but once it hits multidimensional baby it can no longer touch its tear again and therefore just resets the startup/cooldown)

Something else JUST happened, a Stoner went ethereal for some reason and walked through all of my babies, causing me to lose.

I had same thing but with stone poop. It's happend when it teleported via portal, plus game was slowed by stopwatch

Something happened that even though I had gotten the D6 before now its "???" as if I had never gotten it, and also, talking about the D6, What does it even do?????

Heya, I found a bug with fart baby in 1.6.0, when there are two fart babies next to one another on the same column. In short: both fart babies fail to work.

When an enemy (say, a gaper) meets a Fart Baby (FB1), it pushes it on either the empty lane or the other fart baby's lane (FB2). Then the enemy should start eating FB2, which will trigger it to pushes said enemy on another lane. What happens instead is that the enemy keeps eating FB1 until it dies. FB1 tries to fart to push the enemy away, but because the enemy is on another lane, it won't move.





This patch's the best one yet! Thank you for all the hard work you've putting out in these very frequent updates, the passion you have for this game is something to behold! :D

has anyone completed the brown ritual yet, i just want to know if anyone's figured it out yet

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You use the Poop active to make the shape of an F.

Balance changes?


Also great game,love the daily updates :D

1.5 is my fav update yet btw.

I found a bug in 0.15. An enemy is attacking a baby in the bottom lane, and then idk why it jumped to another lane (maybe it was an champion), but still attacking the baby it just attacked  in the bottom lane.

Hi, idk if it's a feature or what not but I used moving box before ending a level and I didn't deploy the saved baby, which saved it for the next level, idk if it's a bug or not.

Very cool game man, can't wait to play the finished version.

tbh this is probably a feature of the game, since moving box in isaac lets you move stuff between floors too.


holy shit this update is making me nut uncontrollably



many people are saying this

i noticed, and that's fairly understandable

the game isn't a nightmare in the ark loop and the challenges with this update.